Sunday 3rd April 2005, (Cobar).

Well so much for the sightseeing walks we were going to see and do today: Devils Rocks were so small, a bunch of about six rocks about a meter across. There was supposed to be a 1k walk to the rocks, but unknowingly we actually drove right up to them, so much for that walk.

We then went to the new water reservoir, long walk and plenty of wildlife, and when we got there the reservoir was empty so a bulldozer could get in and enlarge the walls, no wildlife and too windy for what may have been an uneventful walk: So much for that walk. Another restful day was had before we packed up for a move tomorrow.

These changes of plans gave us an opportunity to chat with a few fellow travellers that pulled in today, something that most others over the past few weeks haven’t seemed interested in.

An enlightening find this evening when another camper took his TV outside to watch it in the cool, and to find out that it is not only our TV that intermittently cuts out on Imparja. His was doing it at exactly the same time as ours.