Friday 1st April 2005, (Cobar).

It turns out there is not a great deal to see here at the moment. We had our little walk around town taking photos, but this time we followed the Heritage Walk instead of doing it freelance. I have almost decided to do my usual thing in future as by doing the provided walk one does about twice the distance past some buildings one is not really interested in. Not that I am purely not interested, but all I am trying to achieve is a perspective of towns that will remind me of them in the future not just of buildings, even though most of my shots are taken up with buildings.

We also headed out to see some lookouts of mines, one of which was an open-cut with a beaut lookout, but it was closed. The other mine, and lookout, was hardly worth bothering with.

Tomorrow will see us do a couple of short drives to more walks and we will see if they offer something better.

Saturday 2nd April, (Cobar).

Nothing done today, as it is too hot for any thought of walking, we will see what tomorrow brings.