Carnarvon Gorge

Saturday 23rd April 2005, (Carnarvon Gorge).

We had our first day at the gorge today to see what was on offer and how long it would take to see it all. There are several walks and for us it would be impossible to do it all in one day. It looks like we may need about three days.

Today we chose to do the most strenuous of the walks up to a lookout at the top of the gorge. The scenery on the walk up to the top was spectacular with the different rock formations and vegetation, but when we arrived at the lookout I was a little disappointed as the area covered by the lookout was everywhere but a view up the actual gorge. This was the scenery I was particularly looking for and the girl in the information centre indicated I would get the shots that I wanted, so I was not real impressed, although what we did see was still spectacular.

We will go back tomorrow, but what walks we do will depend on how my legs feel when we get there. There are a few short ones that will do if the situation arrises, but there is a long walk along the full length of the gorge, which we intend to try to cover most of. Linda’s fitness also depends on tomorrow as well seeing she was not real well last week and she hasn’t had much of a chance to exercise in the meantime.

Sunday 24th April, (Carnarvon Gorge).

Day 2 walking the gorge, and what we saw made the whole day worthwhile. The thing with this gorge is that it is not possible to get shots depicting the entire gorge showing its sides in its entire length unless one is in an aeroplane, and one does not get a good view of the gorge layout from within it due to the trees covering most of the view. One can get some sort of impression by eye, but it is not possible to photograph.

The unique thing with this gorge is within its enormity there are several side walks with different aspects of the gorge to view, and each has its own individual scenery on display. The several we have seen so far have been remarkable and if the remainder are the same we will look forward to returning one day to see the rest of it. We will then be prepared in being a bit fitter and more capable of doing the remaining walks. The walks we have done over the last two days have now seen us a little tired and weak so if we decided to see more this visit we would need a few days rest before continuing.

We now intend having a rest day tomorrow and stiffness permitting we will move on the day after.