Monday 4th April 2005, (Bourke).

Another move now sees us at Bourke, 160k north of Cobar. This is another town that we have been looking forward to visiting, but what we have seen so far and stories we have heard have detracted from what we thought our ideas would have been. This is another town with a high population of indigenous people and unfortunately possibly resulting in the same outcome as other towns with this type population. Bourke is a lot cleaner and neater looking than most other towns in this situation, but regardless we do have the idea that we are glad to be in a caravan park 7k out of town and feeling safer by doing so. As soon as we arrived in town the first thing that was noticed was a couple of shops with boarded up broken windows. When we arrived at the caravan park we hear stories like: For a town with 2,500 population it is suprising that there is a police force of 30 strong. This being true can only demonstrate what must happen in the town, and again when one hears that 30 kids were recently arrested for harassing local shops and owners.

We still intend having our usual look around town and taking photos, as it does look as though it is well worth it, and maybe I will add something to the contrary at a later date, we’ll see.

It does seem there might be some justification of the RAC caravan park book not listing parks in ‘this type town’ as they do with all others.