Chapter 30

Murray River and Inland.

Sunday 13th March 2005, (Waikerie).

Yesterday saw us leave Adelaide on our way to the Sunshine Coast via another section of the great Murray River, and outback NSW. We travelled about 150k to Waikerie on the highway to Mildura and it is the first of our stops on the Murray.

The temperatures in this area soared yesterday, as the thermometer on the wall at the caravan park showed 40deg in the shade. We reckon it got hotter than that as the day went on, and Piper, the bird, was letting us know how hot it was by the way he was puffing and panting. So after setting up the van we did as little as possible, even meaning it was too hot to put any words down in this report. It is a little cooler (not quite as hot) today at about 37deg.

We have now had a little look around town, and a pretty looking one it is, had a look at what is to offer in the area, and have now planned out the next few days. There is a walk along the river edge that is a must do, as the river edge consists of large cliff faces that will make some good photos I’m sure.

The rest of today is relaxation though and take in this hot weather.

Tuesday 15th March. (Waikerie).

Still at Waikerie and after the heatwave we now have a bit cooler weather that is more conducive to sightseeing. We went for a drive to the East yesterday to a town called Morgan and back the other side of the river. One thing we notice is different in this area is the lack of bridges over the river; Ferries are used instead, and surprisingly they are free 24 hours daily. They run whenever there is traffic waiting, and one usually does not have to wait any longer than just a few minutes. Perhaps SA has decided that it would cheaper to run the ferries instead of build bridges.

A cliff top walk was the order for today. This is the thing we notice is different with scenery on this section of the Murray River, that one of the riverbanks is generally a cliff. A walk along the cliffs provides scenery that is quite spectacular. Linda made the comment today ” The scenery reminds me of the comic strips of Saltbush Bill”, and I totally agree with that comment.