Broken Hill

Wednesday 23rd March 2005, (Broken Hill).

It was just as well we didn’t decide to come straight up to Broken Hill instead of stopping at Mildura, as it would have been just too long. It was an interesting trip today with the terrain different again. The land was not quite as flat as the Hay Plains, dry and Barren, and long straight roads.

We saw what would have to be the best and largest mirage on the way here, and I am now not surprised that people in times gone by have mistaken them for large expanses of water, and being extremely disappointed to find nothing.

I am at the moment feeling a sense of achievement, of sorts, as I have had my eye on Broken Hill for a long time now and we are finally there. I guess I had the idea that this was probably as far outback, without going off bitumen, that one could go. After going up the centre a couple of years ago that idea has probably changed, but it is obviously just as far out anyway. I think we are going to enjoy our stay here, but we have only just arrived.

The caravan park we are in has different ideas than most we have been in, as they will not allow any mats at all on the grass sites so they have a vast area that is covered in wood-chips for placing tents and awnings with mats. I guess this is another way of reducing maintenance.

Friday 25th March, Good Friday. (Broken Hill).

We did our usual thing and walked around town taking photos today, and 155 pics later? Some towns, cities, just seem to have heaps to take pictures of and this was obviously one of them. It is a town with a difference, all streets are laid out in rectangles and parrallels, and the mines are right in the centre of it all, also parrallel to the main street. In fact one info sign in town stated that the main street was planned to run parrallel to the main ore load in the mine.

Linda was heard to comment on how many houses are constructed out of corrogated iron, I guess it was a cheap building material years ago.