Thursday 10th March. (Adelaide).

A trip to the Botanic Gardens emphasised the point that when doing things in Adelaide one should allow at least double the time one would think to see things. An hour and a half at the gardens was nowhere near enough time, as we could have spent ages there, or at least Linda would have. We only had that short amount of time because we had an appointment at Haighs chocolate factory. I did my usual thing and took heaps of pics, as it just was not hard to do in such a scenic place like that.

Linda wanted to visit Haighs to purchase some chocolate to take to England with her for Narrelle and Matt, and purchase us some. This factory is in stark contrast to Cadbury’s, as it is so small in comparison. Haighs chockies are all hand made and wrapped, so the output is so much smaller, but then they only service their own retail outlets, 11 in total, and do not export at all.

Sunday 13th March.

A relaxing day was had on Friday, doing a little shopping, and getting ready for our trip inland. We are going to have a look at another section of the Murray River before heading outback NSW on our way to the Sunshine Coast.