Monday 7th March. (Adelaide).

We had another trip up the Adelaide Hills today, but to Mount lofty this time. I found a lookout that eluded me on our first trip here because it is not shown as such on my Adelaide map book. We were in the area to look at the Botanic Gardens and noticed on the map an area that consisted of a car park and a Kiosk, and decided that there must be something there to see. Low and behold, there was one of the best lookouts of the Adelaide area in the district. It was a little unfortunate that the scenery was a little hazy, but the scenery was still good though.

The Botanic Gardens were worth a visit as well. They are different to the usual due to them being on a hillside and having mountainous scenery in the background. There are walking tracks everywhere in and around the hills, so we must revisit one day and look a little deeper.

Tuesday 8th March. (Adelaide).

Seeing that we decided to stay extra time in Adelaide instead of going to Victor Harbour, we thought we had better have a day trip to the area for a look. I have been there before, but Linda hasn’t so it was worth it. We actually visited Goolwa, which is the area where the Murray River meets the Southern Ocean. I wasn’t really aware of this actual location so even for me there were new things to see. This whole area is another very picturesque region. We will return one day with more time to spare and visit, with a stay, to this region.

The Goolwa visit now has put us at one extreme end of the Murray River, almost at the other, where it meets the Murrumbidgee, and at a fair bit of it in between.

We experienced the horse drawn tram ride across the causeway to Basalt Island, which was a novelty, and enjoyed the reasonably long walk around the island and then back across the causeway. The day was one that gave a little exercise as well.