Sunday 13th February, (Warrnambool).

Today saw us take a trip along the Great Ocean Road. We have both been along there before, separately, Linda with Narrelle on their tenting trip and me on my own when I was working in Melbourne. I am not sure how far I went along the coast road, from the other end, because I am not sure I remember the Twelve Apostles, but then I have seen a fair bit of them on tele over the years. It was a worthwhile trip anyway as we had plenty of time and we had a good look around at most of the attractions.

Wednesday 16th February.

Linda baby-sat for Anna on Monday, her mother in-law who normally does it was ill, and I had another look around town to take the photos that we still hadn’t taken. After touring the Great Ocean Road the local scenery didn’t have as much appeal as we thought when we first arrived in town.

We then had a drive yesterday to Port Fairy and Tower Hill. Port Fairy wasn’t what we thought it to be, but would probably be good for a holiday I guess. Tower hill was on the other end of the scale, and we were disappointed that we didn’t find out a bit more of it beforehand so we could have spent a full day there. Tower Hill is an extinct volcano crater and is now a wildlife reserve with plenty of walking tracks. We had to agree that this area would be better left for when we return here and do the whole thing then.