Wednesday 23rd February. (Robe).

We have now moved on to Robe about 100k north of Mount Gambier. We were a little disappointed with Robe when we first arrived due to us building up expectations from what we had heard about the place. There is nothing really wrong with the town; it looks like a fantastic holiday town with good beaches etc. I guess we were taken by the advertising we had seen about the town and should remember in future that advertising over emphasises what is really there.

We chose a caravan park close to the township so we can do a bit of walking around town while here and the car might get a bit of a rest. There are 3 parks in town, a big4, top tourist and an FPA, all about equally priced, so our choice was purely closeness to town.

We had our usual drive around town to familiarise ourselves and did like what we saw in the way of old buildings, beaches and such, but there does not seem to be much else going for the town as far as touristy things.

It has been a bit of a test for the new digital TV box here as the local reception is not real fantastic, the reception in some places just seem to have a lot of interference, and this is one of them. My information tells me that we are on the fringe reception area for the same transmitter as Mount Gambier so I tried it. Originally reception was good, but when the sun went down so did the reception quality of the digital, and would you believe it was only on the channel we wanted to watch. We will just have to put up with what is here I guess, but it was enlightening to know what to expect with respect to the coverage maps I have, but they are produced by the ABC and their coverage was alright.

Thursday 24th February. (Robe).

The weather in this area can be as fickle as that in Tassie as yesterday it was very hot with high 30’s and today being overcast, windy and cool.

I did my usual thing though and walked the town taking photos and originally thought even though this town has some old buildings, it is rather small and I wouldn’t get many pics. I was surprised when I downloaded the pics to find I had actually taken 98 pics, so there was obviously more to see than I thought.

I don’t know that there is any more to see than we have already so when Linda returns after visiting the info centre with any new info, if any, we may just have a restful time for the remainder of our stay.

I had some emailing to do this morning and the use of 1X proved to be the way to go now that they have reduced their price plans. I had over half an hour on the net for less than $2.00, send and received heaps of mail, and didn’t have to worry about time. I am becoming all the more convinced that when we arrive at Adelaide I will upgrade to EV-DO for the higher speed.