Mount Gambier

Monday 21st February. (Mount Gambier).

We had a trip around town today visiting the sinkholes and caves within the actual city boundaries. This area’s title of the ‘Limestone Coast’ was well demonstrated today by the sinkholes and caves. There are quite a few, and I dare say more than what we saw, around the town, the type of which not seen in any other town we have been. There is a cave, not very large, that has a couple of tunnels that are only accessible by diving because they are full of water. One of these tunnels has a cavern that is directly under the highway. The accessible area by foot is not very large, but gives an idea of the actual cave.

The touring today bought to light the system of sinkholes and tube-ways under ground that form the water basin in the area. The obvious culmination of the water basin is the lakes in craters on the southern side of town. It is hard to believe the water in the lakes is at the same level as the water in the caves because of the hight of the lakes, but they assure me it is, and it is logical that the levels are the same.

I am not sure I have done the right thing concerning a neighbour today, as he has purchased a Heyman-Reece hitch for his tow bar and I gave him some instructions on how to set it up. Now I think he believes I am an expert and wants me to help him set it up tomorrow. Not that I can’t do it, but I am now hoping I don’t stuff it up. We are intending to go for a walk tomorrow, so if he wants my help I hope he will wait until we have done it.

Tuesday 22nd February. (Mount Gambier).

The weather was fine today as well so we went on our other tours we had planned. We finally went up to the tower on top of the hill, but unfortunately the surrounds were a little misty so long range scenery was spoiled somewhat, but no matter there is always next time.

We are now packing up ready for a move tomorrow.