Mount Gambier

Wednesday 16th February. (still) (Mount Gambier).

Still Wednesday, and we have now moved and are in South Australia again, and almost came undone again with the time difference.

We are at Mount Gambier, and are quite surprised that we have not heard more about this city during our travels. The scenery in this city is very spectacular with the city built around several lakes formed within volcano craters. The water in one of the lakes is a very bright vivid blue colour and the first sighting fair takes ones breath away.

We did have a small idea of what to expect with the lakes so we deliberately chose a caravan park next to them so we could do all the walking tracks around them. We are really looking forward to these walks, as the scenery is quite spectacular.

After only being our first day here we are already talking about extending our stay beyond the week that we had planned due to there being so much to do and see here and at our leisurely pace it will require some extra time to see it all.

I haven’t included many photos lately, but I will have to during our time here because I feel it will be the only way to express what I mean about the lakes scenery.

Saturday 19th February. (Mount Gambier).

We haven’t been and seen much since being here due to the inclement weather, hence no writings for a while. We have had a casual look around the lakes (craters), but we are leaving our walks and photo taking sessions until the weather does improve. It is now definitely looking like staying here for an extra day or two as we thought.

We did go for a drive down to the coast, Port MacDonnell, today with the weather still not very good, but it was well utilised for this trip. This coastline is similar, on a smaller scale, to the Great Ocean Road but consists of different rock type formations. It is made up of limestone and rock from lava flows from the local volcanos. The weathering on the rock structures leaves some quite awe-inspiring sights.

We met a local at Port MacDonnell, at one of the local attractions, with plenty of knowledge of other attractions in the district. Typically if we were to visit all that he had to offer we would have had to have a tape recorder to remember all the info, and we would have to be in the region for a great deal of time to see it all. I guess this means that no matter how long we travel for we will never get to see a great deal of what is on offer around this great country.

Oh well, a bit more shopping for now, and then another quiet evening at home, life’s hard.