Thursday 3rd February.

I look back at my previous words and note again that it has been quite a while since putting down anything. I think back and conclude that there was not much happening to need to put finger to key, but I have in fact been busy fiddling around with the digital box, or aerials, to determine best reception possibilities. Some success was achieved by finding out that aerial configuration will remain exactly the same as for existing analogue transmission. I am extremely happy with the little stereo I bought as well. It seems to function as I require, with good reception of both FM and AM radio, and also performs well with TV audio.

Well the time has come for us to leave the home state once again and return to the mainland, and where has the time gone? We still did not get to visit all that we had intended, with rushing at the last moment to catch at least some that were a must see. All that done now and we are off again.