Sunday 6th Feb, (Geelong).

We have now moved to Geelong for a few days. We have a couple of things to do here and then intend moving on.

We have now become very unimpressed with Ashley Gardens Caravan Park and will probably not stay there again. We could not fathom how they obtained a 5 star rating. Little things, and several, made us come to this opinion.

Then there was the incident with management yesterday that made us finally come to this conclusion. When I presented our rent assist form for signing she, manageress, added a comment, in red, stating “This is a holiday stay only” and this made me almost see red. She had no right whatsoever to add any such comment so I have since sent an email expressing my opinion in strong terms, also stating we will never return.

That park is now too dear for what they offer anyway, a pity because it was a convenient park for when we travel via Melbourne.

Tuesday 8th Feb, (Geelong).

We have now done all we had intended in Geelong so now we are packed and ready for a move tomorrow.

I am surprised to have already had a response from big4 club about my complaint with Ashley Gardens, a copy of a letter sent to Ashley was also sent to Big4. At this stage they have only acknowledged my letter, but they stated that they intend to follow through with further communications, so it would be nice to see some sort of result come from this. It is still early but Ashley has yet not had the curtesy to reply.