Sunday 27th February, (Adelaide).

One of our longer trips yesterday, 350k, saw us arrive at Adelaide. We could have easily stopped at other places on the way, like Kingston, Meningie, Murray Bridge, etc but we did want to get to Adelaide rather quickly.

We have re-farmiliarised ourselves with the area, and shopping centres, and when we have done the small amount of business we need to do we will think of where to next.

Linda made the comment yesterday just after arriving that “she had forgotten how nice it is in Adelaide”, and I admit I must agree with her.

I rang Diane and Gifford Harper today, met them at the Sunshine Coast last year, and arranged a visit for lunch on Wednesday. I sent them an email a few weeks ago and wondered why it took so long to reply, when Diane explained today that the day I sent the email from Warrnambool that they were also there, but in a different caravan park, coincidence eh.

I also chased up a Telstra shop today, there was one open at Westfields shopping centre, to get details on mobile broadband. The suggestion was to either return tomorrow when all staff will be on duty, at least someone who knows about it, or go instead to a different Telstra shop close by who will have more idea about what I want. That is tomorrow’s mission.

Monday 28th February. (Adelaide).

I am happy now; I have a new Internet access system with a new plan that gives me plenty of connection time and a high speed of between 300-600k. Already I have used about 2 hours playing, so when I have some large stuff to do I am going to have to keep my eye on the time. The new unit has a counter to keep an eye on time usage, but Telstra charge in 15-minute blocks, hence actual charges will be higher than actual usage. It is called CDMA 1X EV-DO, and it is good!