Monday 3rd January, (Launceston).

We called it quits at Stanley and moved back to Launceston a day early. The cold wind got the better of us and the prospect of it raining tomorrow were enough to convince us to leave. It turned out to be one of the nicest days today that we had all week, but it made it all the better for moving rather than in the rain.

I have a mission while we are back in Launceston to find out as much as I can about satellite TV, and a digital receiver box for the possibility of extra TV via that mode. Ultimately I will hopefully be able to make some sort of decision. One possibility is to see Telstra Countrywide to see if they have some plan that may be suitable.

Tuesday 11th January, (Launceston).

A bit over a week now since writing and a few changes have happened TV wise. I had a look around town, several stores, and asked heaps of questions about digital TV, and acquired some good answers. As a result, and the fact that Telstra Countrywide shop was closed, I purchased a ‘Set-top Box’ for digital TV reception, and have given up the idea of satellite. I found out that in fact all channels are transmitted in digital in this area, and there should be transmission in most major centres so we will see in our travels how much this is the case. As one would expect, digital reception results in a perfect picture. It will be interesting to now see how it performs with distant transmissions, one thing I intend trying is taking the box to Beaconsfield and trying it there at Sandra and Freckles place to see what reception is like at that distance.

Along with the digital box I also purchased a small stereo system that met almost all of the requirements I placed on the unit. It is not 12V powered, but I did not think I would achieve that requirement. It is low power usage though, and some tests over the next couple of days will determine how much power it actually uses, as I will have to use the inverter to drive it when camping.


Saturday 1st January 2005, (Stanley).

Linda has kept her word and has been walking up the Nut daily, well she did miss one, and I have, and intend continuing, going up every second day.

We went for a drive to Smithton yesterday as Linda wanted to do some shopping and check the town out, but we decided that it wasn’t really the town we remembered. It certainly didn’t do anything for us this visit, and left us with the thought that it is probably not worth a revisit at any stage.

When somebody mentioned that we would notice the wind at Stanley they were certainly correct. Today was very windy, from the south, and very cold. It is not very common to see me sitting in the sun to get warm, but this was a must here today. This gave me a good chance to keep an eye on the Nut with the binoculars anyway.