Tuesday 28th December 2004, (Stanley).

A move today sees us now at Stanley on the north west coast. We moved here for a week to have some time to ourselves, and give us a chance to get some exercise by climbing up the ‘Nut’, a large mountainous feature right next to the township. There is a chairlift up the Nut as well but we do not intend using it.

I was quite surprised with our apparent fuel economy on the trip today especially seeing the hilly terrain is not conducive to providing a good economy at all. We must have the van loaded to a good configuration again, so hopefully this will help when we get back to the mainland. I have taken the bikes off the back and we have once again offloaded some non-used weighty things.

Wednesday 29th December, (Stanley).

I had forgotten how picturesque Stanley was, but then it is years since I have been here and it was for other than tourist reasons.

Yesterday was horrible as far as weather was concerned, so we didn’t do a great deal apart from set-up, but today was a much different story. The sky was clear and the sun shone, so it was an ideal day for a walk up the Nut. This is where the spectacular scenery stood out so much. The walk up the hill is quite steep and so is good for walking exercise; hence we have decided to do the walk several times while here. Linda made the statement today that she is going to do it every day, we will see.