Monday 27th December.

I can hardly believe it has been two weeks since putting pen to keys. All that has happened in the fortnight past has been just family things, grandkids that is, so I guess there has been no real need to write anything.

Christmas is now over so hopefully we can settle down to a somewhat normal visit, meaning we might get a chance to do some visiting other than immediate family.

Matthew has reinitialised my interest in satellite TV reception as he has fitted one at home. He actually sells and installs them, mainly from what I see to his church friends, and the cost of a dish and decoder is a lot cheaper than Abrolga’s quote a few years ago. I am trying to find a little more information about renting channels before I make a final decision. Maybe I will enquire of Abrolga again.

Now that we have seen out Xmas, and spent some time with the kids, we have decided to have some time to ourselves so we are off to Stanley tomorrow for a week and then intend to return to Launceston for a further couple of weeks.