Monday 13th December.

I had a very enlightening day today after visiting old boss Tim Arnold and some old workmates at the work depot. I visited Tim to give him my old printer that expired earlier this year, as he wanted to use it for experimenting as to how they work, and to just have one he can pull to bits and play with without having to worry about damaging it. While there we discussed, and worked out, a few questions and queries I had with my laptop and as usual I left there with some new ideas that could be of use in the future.

I also visited the old work centre and met some old mates. This was worthwhile as several of them indicated great enjoyment receiving my regular reports, so I now have no problems with sending them as I now know they are being read and taken notice of. It was very enlightening to know that one David Caunce was deliberately saving all my reports as he intends in the future to do some travelling and he indicated that the reports may give him an advance idea of what to expect in some of those travels.

It was a pity that I was so late getting to the work centre as Linda was in town waiting for me to pick her up so I had to cut my visit short, oh well I guess I will just have to go back one day for another visit.