Swan Hill

Monday 8th November, (Swan Hill).

The bearing cover seems to be an odd size so nobody in Mildura could help me, so there is probably no other alternative but to leave it until we get to Melbourne.

We did enjoy our stay at Mildura although it did rain a fair bit over the last week. We moved today to Swan Hill, about 250k SE and intend staying here for a week. This township is also a nice looking area and I think we could easily spend some time here, in fact now that we are here I think I would have preferred to stay here for the extra week than Mildura. This is because the caravan park we are in is on the banks of the Murray and there seems to be heaps to do in the way of walks in the immediate area that could fill in quite some time. There are always other times though.

Wednesday 10th November, (Swan Hill).

More tyre problems today: After noticing some vibrations, apparently, from the van on our way to Swan Hill I decided to jack up the van and check out that offending wheel again. Luck would have it that I jacked the wheel off the ground just enough so when I rotated the wheel a section of it jammed on the ground, which led me to find that there was a bulge in the tyre. The tyre was taken to Beau repairs and replaced with another under warranty claim.

While there I had a discussion with the salesman about pressures, and rating limits, and it seems as though I should be running 55 PSI instead of the 50 PSI I have been running, so I will be doing this for a while to see what happens.