Saturday 6th November, (Mildura).

Still raining, as it has for the past couple of days: not that they don’t need it in this area. Although there does not seem to be any water restrictions here, as the water comes from the Murray, the countryside is fairly dry with the lack of rain.

On a completely different subject: A week or so ago we noticed that a plastic wheel bearing cover cap was missing from one of the van wheels. It didn’t occur to me until last night that the metal dust cap from the wheel drum was actually missing as well, and it’s a pity it took me so long to realise because as today is Saturday the only place in Mildura I found might be able to supply me with a replacement was closed. Maybe I can slip around on Monday before we leave and see if I can pick one up, but in the meantime I have removed the plastic cover from the other wheel and placed it on the offending wheel, that should keep a little dirt out in the interim. I am still a little concerned now as to why the covers came off, as it is a little out of the ordinary, so tomorrow I will jack up the side of the van and check for any slop in the bearing. I suspect all is ok though, as it has been a fair travel distance since they came off and one would think that if anything drastic was going to happen it would have by now.