South West Rocks

Tuesday 5th October, (S. W. Rocks).

We went for those bush walks yesterday and quite enjoyed them. It has been a fair while since we have been on any decent bush walk and it was interesting to find that we both handled it with consummate ease. We didn’t actually do a very large walk, we were gone for about 2 ½ hours, as, like I previously said, we would have to retrace our steps on return if we chose to continue and this would have made the distance too great. The track we were walking was a rather strenuous one anyway and was getting rather remote and rough, not being very well constructed at all, it was only foot trodden made.

I had a haircut today and experienced the same problem with most unfamiliar barbers. They always seem to want to comb the hair to their own liking and cut it accordingly regardless of the instructions of how I would normally comb it. This was a very typical example today and the result was a large clump of hair toward the front being longer than the rest, and looked terrible when I combed my hair the way I normally do. I proceeded to the amenities block and trim the offending clump myself. I suppose one can’t complain too much though as the price of $10.00 was cheaper than anyone in the past few years.

We are now packed and ready to move tomorrow to Harrington. We are at this stage undecided as to how long we will stay there, considerations such as shopping and TV coverage, for Bathurst on Sunday, will have an effect on our decision as to whether it will be 3 of 5 days.