South West Rocks

Friday 1st October, (S. W. Rocks).

Rained in at the moment, the rain and storms forecast have arrived and giving the area some much needed water. It is unusual for us to be tied to the caravan due to the rain and I must admit I thought it may be difficult trying to find something to do, but so far it has been no problem at all.

I have taken the opportunity to sit down with maps and books to tentatively plan our travels from here on. It seems we will go inland from Newcastle and go across to Mildura, then down to Melbourne. It looks as though we can cruise to Mildura taking about 4 weeks, that will then give us about 2 weeks to then get to Melbourne.

I am again pissed off with the mail system in Aus. as I am again waiting for mail from Tassie. I ordered some tobacco on Monday and was strangely hopeful that it may have arrived today. We have now discovered that it is a long weekend this week so I won’t be able to pick up the mail on Monday even if it does arrive, so we have had to book in here for another day to allow for the delivery.

The only other main concern as to where we are going to be over the next week or so is being in a good TV reception area for the Bathurst race next weekend. Looking at my books indicates that coverage should be ok no matter where we are.

Sunday 3rd October, (S. W. Rocks).

We had our little walk around town yesterday taking photos, or at least I walked with the idea of taking shots, Linda gets a little bored following me so she went her own way.

Today was a fine day so it was time to visit the lighthouse and Gaol. This area is another along the NSW coast with rather spectacular scenery, there have been many and I say again I think we have seen so much lately that we are not appreciating it as much now as we should.

There are several bush walks in the area and we intend doing a couple tomorrow. Some of the walks are quite lengthy and seeing we will have to return along them, they will then be too lengthy, so we will have to forego some.