Thursday 14th October, (Mudgee).

I did my usual thing and walked the streets of the town taking pictures and some of the buildings are quite spectacular. My walk was cut short though, as the temperature being in the mid 30’s made it too hot for walking around and I did arrive back home a little exhausted.

We could see a hill to the southwest where all the transmission towers are and considered it would make a spectacular lookout, but there is no public access to the hill, such a pity.

As mentioned, one thing that stood out about the buildings in Mudgee is the state in which they are maintained, it really does make a difference.

The same could be said of another town close by that we visited today called Gulgong. This is an old gold mining town, as most in the area are, and they have tried to keep the main part of town in the same state as it was way back when. The aspect that is most apparent with this town is the narrow and winding main street.