Tuesday 12th October, (Mudgee).

Had a good day Sunday sitting back watching a perfect picture for an all day of car racing at Bathurst, and enjoyed it as I do every year.

We had a stroll around town yesterday, Linda doing a little shopping and me taking photos. It is quite apparent we are back in central NSW as the buildings in these towns are once again old and well kept.

We have now moved to Mudgee, on the way to Dubbo with a detour to the south, we found that the short time we had at Singleton was enough as we could return one day. The caravan park was one to remember, as one doesn’t often get an en-suite site for $19.OO per day.

Now Mudgee is another story: we had the idea that this was just a small country town, as several in the area, and we only selected it as a central point to see what is on offer in the district. On arrival we found that the town, (small city), was nothing that we expected, it is quite large, and unbeknown to us this is a large wine producing region: It’s a pity I’m off the grog as I could have gone berserk around here. The township itself is also an eye opener, or the buildings in it, as it is quite apparent that there was plenty of money in this district in its heyday as the buildings are something to behold, very large and very well maintained and kept in their original state. I haven’t taken any photos here yet, but when I do I will include a couple in this report.

We get the feeling here, that we do on seldom occasions, that we could actually spend some time here, but we will only extend by a day or so if necessary so we can stick to our rough schedule. We should have a good look around though as we may not return here, for a fair while any way.

It is seemingly apparent that this district is far from having a water shortage by looking at the green scenery, and the way the caravan park does it’s watering.