Saturday 23rd October, (Hay).

We had a visit to the gaol museum today and it is quite full of many artefacts saved and collected from days gone by. The gaol itself has quite a chequered history of its own. One facet of the history that Linda took real notice of is when it was used as a lockup for incorrigible young girls. This took place not that so long ago, until mid 70’s, and Linda was amazed at the treatment the girls had to endure for even this period of time.

This area is renowned for its somewhat spectacular sunsets, as the terrain about here is so flat for as far as one can see, without as much as a rise in the land as big as an ant hill even. There is a viewing area set up about 16k north of town so we went there tonight to check it out, but the skies were obviously not conducive for good sunsets having too many clouds. Unfortunately we did not get a very good sunset, but then we are only here for a little while so we must miss out.

Indy car racing on the Gold Coast is on tomorrow so there is no question as to what I will be doing.