South West Rocks

Wednesday 29th September, (South West Rocks).

Quite a nice looking area around here, at the moment though it is school holidays and the place is overrun with families and their kids. There are several caravan parks in the area but there is no chance in getting into any of the ones close to the beaches, if one wanted to. There is one right in the centre of town and right on the coast, but this would not be our choice as it is windy enough where we are let alone there. It would be very nice though if the wind was not blowing.

There is an old gaol a little south at Arakoon (Trial Bay) that we must revisit with cameras, but this will be on a clear day as there are also some spectacular coastal scenic sites that would be a lot better on a clear day. There is also a parking area with a few powered sites close to the gaol on a state reserve, hence no info in our books, that looks like quite a nice area to camp for a while, but again it is full at the moment with holiday makers.

At least now we have had a recognisance tour we now know what to expect for later in depth visits.

We are now settled in the van waiting for the storms that are forecast, and they don’t look far away.