South West Rocks

Tuesday 28th September, (South West Rocks).

We have now moved to South West rocks, east of Kempsey about 100k south of Coffs Harbour. It was a rather big moving day today as we travelled further than we have lately, almost 300k, and we had things to do on the way. With the elections coming up we had to stop at Grafton to lodge a vote. We have never been to Grafton before, so towing the caravan around a strange place, and one that is extremely difficult to navigate, proved to be quite an ordeal. We also had some shopping to do while there, and we also had a stop to make at Coffs Harbour to check on a valuation on the van, so the day for travelling was extended into quite a lengthy one. As a result we are both fatigued right now so the other reports I would normally update will just have to wait until tomorrow.

We haven’t had a chance to look around here yet, arriving so late, but with the short excursion finding our way around gave us the impression that we could quite enjoy our stay here. The main thing I find against South West rocks though, is the fact that there are insects galore, mozzies and such, so the mozzie coils and zapper have been out of mothballs for the first time in ages.

Our stay at Brooms Head finally became a little along the hard to endure lines, as it got quite humid and with the wind blowing from the water the moisture, and salt, in the air became quite intolerable.