Evans Head

Tuesday 14th September, (Evans Head).

So we headed off this morning without the mail, it is to be returned when it does arrive and we might get to see it some time.

We are now at Evans Heads, about 100k south of Brunswick Heads, and right on the coast. We have heard a few people make comments about Evans Heads of late and this is probably the only reason we decided to visit. Apart from what we have heard recently we didn’t even know about it, so we would have otherwise bypassed it. We were a little sceptical about visiting Evans Head, as it appeared to be just a small coastal town 10k or so off the highway, and possibly have no mobile or TV coverage. When we arrived here we were quite surprised to find that the town itself is quite a large one, with the best mobile and TV reception we have had for a long time. I was also surprised to find that Evans Head did not rate a mention in the UBD town and country map book that I have as the town is a lot larger that a lot of other towns that do rate a mention.

We have now been in Evans Head for about 5 hours and we both have the same idea about almost falling in love with the town. It has almost everything to offer, shopping wise, as we would want in any town with the exception that most is on a smaller scale. There are even two internet cafes. The beach is only a few meters away; CBD about 2 minutes away and there also seems to be plenty of bike riding tracks around town. I guess more will be revealed about the town the longer we stay here: We are already thinking of staying for a second week.

Brunswick Heads

Monday 13th September, (Brunswick Heads).

The mail didn’t turn up today, so on our way out tomorrow we will check if it has arrived, and if not, instructions given to the PO are to return it to sender when it does arrive. When they get it back home they can then resend it to somewhere else. We are moving tomorrow anyway, I can’t justify booking in for extra time day by day as we wait for it.

Brunswick Heads

Wednesday 8th September, (Brunswick Heads).

We have finally seen some rain, which has been rather scarce on our travels so far this year, and it is needed very badly. A relaxing day was had today as a result as it rained all day, and is expected again tomorrow.

We took the chance to have a look around town yesterday and I took a few pictures of this sleepy town. We have a couple of day trips around the area which will have to wait for Friday or Saturday, but definitely not Sunday as watching Sandown 500 will be the order of the day all that afternoon.

Sunday 12th September, (Brunswick Heads).

We had our couple of drives around the area over the last couple of days. On Friday we went touring the Tweed coast, not much to see in this area, except a few small towns, but this area will obviously become an extension of the Gold Coast in time to come, as there are construction areas under way at the moment, and a few new subdivisions.

Yesterday we went to the hinterland area and there are quite a few nice drives around some very picturesque areas. One we went to was the Nightcap National Park, which boasts the Minyon falls. The scenery here was quite spectacular, but there could have been an apparent reason why they are not called waterfalls as they were very dry and obviously quite often are.

We are once again having our usual problems with Aust. Post and mail, with a letter from Tassie having already taken 8 days and is still not here. Again it is noted that mail can take only 4 days from England, why a week or more from Tassie. We have booked in here for an extra day to wait for it, but I don’t know what we will do if it is not here tomorrow.

Brunswick Heads

Monday 6th September, (Brunswick Heads).

We only spent the 3 days on the Gold Coast as we only went there to visit Tony and Brenda, as we usually do on our way through.

We left the Gold Coast this morning with the intention of only going about 50k to a small town called Pottsville, on the coast south of Tweed Heads, but when we got there we did not like the looks of the park we had selected and the other one in town was booked out. We then decided to go on further to Brunswick Heads, where we are now, as this was our choice in this situation.

This town looks just what we are looking for on our trip south, a small sleepy town that will give the opportunity to relax, and there seems to be plenty to do in the area as far as sightseeing.

The caravan park we selected gave an option of water-view sites at an extra $3.00 per day, which we had decided to treat ourselves with one of them. When we arrived the staff gave us a list of sites available and to our, sort of, disgust the water-view sites had all views of the waterway blocked by trees. Because of this we took a normal site, and if the sites between the water and us do not fill up we have reasonably good water views anyway, what they are worth. There is another park in town with what could be better water views, but we chose the one we did because of affiliation with Top Tourist and offering discounts, all parks in town are owned by Byron council so are all of comparable quality.

Gold Coast

Chapter 26

Back south again.

Friday 3rd September 2004, (Gold Coast).

We are now on the move again, giving us a little more than two months to get to Melbourne. We intend just cruising down the east coast and stay at some small coastal towns that we missed on our trip up the coast when we started our travels.

We are at present on the Gold coast for a few days to once again catch up with the Cruses, especially as they have some mail for us that Narrelle sent there because we didn’t know where we would be.

We tried a different caravan park this visit, just for something different, and unfortunately because we didn’t book we ended up with not such a good site. It is as good a site as others, but it is the location within the park that is not the best. We are placed in the area that is mainly full of permanents, and it is not quite the same if we are not among fellow travellers.