Evans Head

Friday 17th September, (Evans Head).

I keep telling myself that I must write down words every day while the memory is still sharp, but for some reason I keep forgetting: Just enjoying the experiences too much to think about it I suppose.

We went for a walk around the walking track yesterday, across the river and up the other side to a lookout. This would have to be one of the better lookouts we have seen for an area of this size, with a lot of work being put into the lookouts themselves, and the area around them. The sight also would be among the better even for a coastal region. Lunch was had while we were there and we sat for a while admiring the scenery and hoping to catch sight of a whale or two, but no luck so we are going to return, possibly tomorrow, and spend some more time there with that idea. We are even more inclined to do so now after actually spotting our first whale today when we visited another lookout a little north of here on our way to Ballina for a trip. They, or it, was at a fair distance away as the lookout was inland a fair way, so we are more hopeful of catching some tomorrow especially as it is apparently time for their migration south again.

As I mentioned we went for a trip to Ballina today to do some shopping and have a little look around while there. As I had stopped here while on my way south on my own last year I thought Linda would appreciate some of the scenery in the area that I had seen while here, like Lennox Heads. It turns out Linda had seen this area back in 2001 on our first trip up this way as we went along the coast road from Ballina to Byron Bay on that trip and stopped there then. We had doubts as to whether we had originally visited that area, as I don’t appear to have any photos of the area for that visit. We can’t work out whether I either didn’t take any or that may have been another occasion that I lost some photos as I have done in the past. Either way it is unusual for me not to have taken any shots in an area like that, but when we stopped there we decided that we had both been there before.

Linda was reading a magazine yesterday and found a catalogue enclosed that contained some unusual but possibly handy items, and cheap. One item that got our attention was a very small washing machine, electric with a 50W motor, but only a 1kg tub, for $100.00. We considered buying it because it may be handy while camping, as we could run it off the inverter. My idea was to also use it at most other times so as to save money by not using laundries, but Linda didn’t think it a good idea as she would spent a lot of time fiddling around doing the washing, so the decision was not to bother as it would be a waste of time carrying it around and not use it. We will keep the information though in case somebody we meet may be interested. It is from a web site www.rightlife.com.au item #10829, price $99.95.