Sunshine Coast

Wednesday 21st July.

A change of camping conditions occurred today as I have now moved sites, same park though. We have been set up on a powered tent site since being here and it unfortunately did not have a concrete slab, and there was a lot of sandy soil around the site that made it very dirty. We didn’t have any option when we moved here as it was very full, and I have been trying to swap to a site with a slab since. I haven’t had much luck as one needed to be out of bet very early, 7-8AM, to find a site and claim it before it was allocated to someone else booking in. This morning I was up reasonably early and found a site where the occupants were readying for departure and as nothing could be done in reallocating the site until after they had left I went to reception and laid claim to it. Midday saw me set up on the new site, and believe me it makes all the difference. I now feel a lot more at home and am very happy with what should be a much cleaner environment. Linda should be very pleased with it as well.

Poor Piper the bird is not in full health at the moment, and has been like it for a few days. It appears he has damaged his left leg, and it is showing in his overall health and attitude. He does seem to be making a minor recovery late in the day today, so hopefully the problem is not too bad.

As far as illnesses: Linda is also suffering, she has been bitten by something while at Adrian’s and the consensus is that it is a white tailed spider, but the symptoms don’t seem to be severe enough. It turns out she spent a second night in the same bed she received the bights and got a heap more, this time the symptoms are worse and she is suffering a deal more today. This is something to consider if we intend staying at Adrian’s in the future.