Sunshine Coast

Sunday 18th July.

Still on the Sunshine coast and have been enjoying the weather, well up until now anyway. Although it has been getting a little cool of the evenings, not too bad though, the temperatures during the day have been a constant 20 to low 20 degrees and has warmed things up quite nicely. Last night and today though have been a different story. One has to expect the bad along with the good I suppose and now is one of those bad times. Late yesterday saw storms in the area, the weird thing being that they were all around but did not affect the immediate area I am in, a bit spectacular actually. Today though is very windy, still sunny but very cool in the wind, so it is a do nothing day except sit inside and watch the racing on telly. Last night turned out to be a rather cold one, especially just before daybreak, and I think we can expect a few more of these over the next few days, I do have a heater and electric blanket to overcome this though.

I have noticed lately that the sunsets here of late have been quite spectacular, but I have missed some of them, or at least have not had the camera at the ready, so I must keep my eye out at about 5PM of an evening to see if I can catch some good ones. They seem to have been different due to a smoke haze probably due to sugar cane burning in the area, which gives the sun itself a very orange effect just before setting.

It is now nine days to go until Linda returns and the time has seemed to go rather quickly as it doesn’t seem very long ago I was saying that it was seventeen days to go.