Sunshine Coast

Monday 26th July.

A busy day today as Linda comes home tomorrow and all the cleaning and washing had to be done. Not that there was a mess or anything, but she would expect things to be as she left them so it had to be done.

I don’t think Linda is going to believe that Piper has been ill because it appears that he has almost made a full recovery from whatever was bothering him. Linda seems to think that moulting will cause illness in birds and of course that is what he is going through at the moment.

Wednesday 4th August.

It has now been over a week since opening this file, as one can see, so this can only be a demonstration that we only intend sitting around not doing much but enjoy the warm weather. Linda is back with me now and she especially is enjoying the warm after suffering the cold in Tassie. We have been on a few walks in the area, and this is the only type of thing we intend doing while here.

We have sat down and discussed what we intend doing, travel wise, after leaving here and have decided that a leisurely cruise all the way around the coast back to Melbourne. To do this we will have to be away from this area before the end of this month, so this means that if we intend meeting up with Barry and Ida we will have to go to Hervey Bay for a week, as that is where they are at the moment, leaving here on the 20th. Sounds good at the moment assuming things won’t change as they have lately.

We have then considered, next year, going up inland NSW via Broken Hill, the route I was considering going down this year, and making our way to Darwin and then possibly down the centre, but we will see.

Sunshine Coast

Wednesday 21st July.

A change of camping conditions occurred today as I have now moved sites, same park though. We have been set up on a powered tent site since being here and it unfortunately did not have a concrete slab, and there was a lot of sandy soil around the site that made it very dirty. We didn’t have any option when we moved here as it was very full, and I have been trying to swap to a site with a slab since. I haven’t had much luck as one needed to be out of bet very early, 7-8AM, to find a site and claim it before it was allocated to someone else booking in. This morning I was up reasonably early and found a site where the occupants were readying for departure and as nothing could be done in reallocating the site until after they had left I went to reception and laid claim to it. Midday saw me set up on the new site, and believe me it makes all the difference. I now feel a lot more at home and am very happy with what should be a much cleaner environment. Linda should be very pleased with it as well.

Poor Piper the bird is not in full health at the moment, and has been like it for a few days. It appears he has damaged his left leg, and it is showing in his overall health and attitude. He does seem to be making a minor recovery late in the day today, so hopefully the problem is not too bad.

As far as illnesses: Linda is also suffering, she has been bitten by something while at Adrian’s and the consensus is that it is a white tailed spider, but the symptoms don’t seem to be severe enough. It turns out she spent a second night in the same bed she received the bights and got a heap more, this time the symptoms are worse and she is suffering a deal more today. This is something to consider if we intend staying at Adrian’s in the future.

Sunshine Coast

Sunday 18th July.

Still on the Sunshine coast and have been enjoying the weather, well up until now anyway. Although it has been getting a little cool of the evenings, not too bad though, the temperatures during the day have been a constant 20 to low 20 degrees and has warmed things up quite nicely. Last night and today though have been a different story. One has to expect the bad along with the good I suppose and now is one of those bad times. Late yesterday saw storms in the area, the weird thing being that they were all around but did not affect the immediate area I am in, a bit spectacular actually. Today though is very windy, still sunny but very cool in the wind, so it is a do nothing day except sit inside and watch the racing on telly. Last night turned out to be a rather cold one, especially just before daybreak, and I think we can expect a few more of these over the next few days, I do have a heater and electric blanket to overcome this though.

I have noticed lately that the sunsets here of late have been quite spectacular, but I have missed some of them, or at least have not had the camera at the ready, so I must keep my eye out at about 5PM of an evening to see if I can catch some good ones. They seem to have been different due to a smoke haze probably due to sugar cane burning in the area, which gives the sun itself a very orange effect just before setting.

It is now nine days to go until Linda returns and the time has seemed to go rather quickly as it doesn’t seem very long ago I was saying that it was seventeen days to go.

Sunshine Coast

Wednesday 14th July 2004, (Still on the Sunshine Coast).

It’s been a while again, but when one is batching and not doing a great deal there is not much to report.

I have been a little productive though putting finishing touches to the outdoor gas cooker I built, and after purchasing another hose with the correct fittings, to prevent leaks, it now works like a bought one. I also built a windbreak around it and when something is on the cooker the breeze has nil effect.

I have been having a little look around on my pushbike and have located a couple of areas that I would intend returning to with my camera one day to take some shots of the area and buildings.

A short bushwalk up Mount Coolum today revealed a very scenic lookout of the Sunshine Coast. We had heard about this lookout on our earlier visit two years ago, but reports were that the track was very steep and recommendations were that we do not attempt it. It turned out that a sign at the start of the walk recommended ‘experienced bushwalkers only’, and although the track was rather rocky and steep it was not all that bad after all.

Sunshine Coast

Friday 9th July.

Linda was put on a plane for home on Tuesday and is now enjoying the cold weather back in Tassie. I have also booked her return trip, so she will be back on the 27th.

I had a trip to Caloundra for a look around and decided that it is quite a nice place, with nice scenery and beaches, with Bribie Island being just off the shoreline. I had a little look at the caravan parks in the area and was not over impressed with the looks of them. I don’t know how they can justify the extra charges compared with Maroochydore and area. They all have a lot of permanents, that don’t look very tidy, and they only have a few tourist sites. The Big4 park was the only one that looked ok, but with the price they charge we wouldn’t give them consideration anyway.

An experience while at Caloundra proved my camera is somewhat worth its value. A woman was running up and down the beach saying her friend had gone for a swim and had disappeared, when I noticed on the northern end of Bribie Island somebody walking on the beach. I took a photo of her at maximum zoom, and then zoomed in on the playback screen to reveal to the panic stricken woman that this was in fact her friend. This bought her a great deal of relief knowing she was safe, then she sat back and waited for her to swim back across the water-way. All was well in the end.