Sunshine Coast

Monday 28th June, (Sunshine Coast).

Now that we have sorted things out we find the overnight temps are very satisfactory, at this stage. It seems that when the sun disappears behind the trees it is time to cover the legs and batten down the hatches, and this keeps the inside temperature comfortable for the evening. It also appears that later in the night things actually warm up a little to keep things comfortable, hence we found out that running the heater, no matter how low, warms things up a little too much.

After heeding the advice from the battery man last week things seem to be better now I have put a reasonable charge into the battery. Today saw me purchase a new regulator and install it under the bonnet connected to the battery so I can connect the solar panels whenever a charge is needed. We will see how things handle from now on.

Today and tomorrow have been allocated for van cleaning so no sightseeing will be done, and then we can have the last week before Linda goes home for doing what we want.

I should be able to occupy my time on my own adequately as there are quite a few things to do, a nice long bike riding track that is flat except for a gradual hill, a long beach to walk on and plenty in the area to take photos of, when I get started. The beach should be good for exercise as the sand is very loose and takes a bit of walking on.

One thing we have noticed while here is that the bird, Cockatiel given to Linda by Matt for her birthday, is a good talking point. It’s talking is obviously noticed by many as they pass by the site, and quite a few stop and have a chat because of it.