Sunshine Coast

Saturday 26th June, (Sunshine Coast).

We moved here yesterday, and I think we are going to really enjoy our stay.

It turns out we were a little late getting to the Sunshine coast as all the southerners have made their move north and there are obviously plenty of them stop in this area. Hence most of the good sites with concrete slabs have been taken and we ended up on a site in the tent camping area without a slab. Apart from the sandy area we are camped around we will be quite happy with what we do have. Our site is close to the beach so Linda can hear the sea noises in the evening, something she does enjoy, and close enough so she can take her chair down to the sand and sit and read a book.

There is a gigantic shopping centre within walking distance, and plenty of areas one can go bike riding, so at last we could be in an area where I can put the cover over the car and very seldom have the need to use it.

Once again I’ll say that we could really enjoy a couple of months here, especially if it doesn’t get much cooler than last evening. It is nice to once again be able to put my shorts on of a day, but it is does get cool enough to cover up of an evening. We were a little cool last evening, but we discovered that we actually had a few more windows open than we thought, and for the first night in months we didn’t have the heater on, so things are looking rather good.