Port Macquarie

Thursday 17th June, (Port Macquarie).

An interesting day today with us finding some centerlink facts about rent assistance: after trying to do the right thing and simply let them know that we have moved so they could stop our payment, it now seems we will be putting in forms more often than we anticipated. We had the idea that it would be somewhat of a hassle to submit forms when we only stay in an area for a period of a couple of days, so we would not bother. As this would be the case for the next week or two we went in to the office today just to cease the payment, but their answer was “you must let us know whenever you move anyway, so you may as well put in a new claim each time”. As it turns out it seems the only possible way to let them know we moved is to submit a form anyway, so that is how it seems to be from now on.

After reading a brochure provided concerning rent assistance for people in our situation, travelling, it seems that we can possibly let them know that we have moved by phone, but we will eventually have to submit a form anyway. Either way it seems this will be a regular thing from now on.

I had the idea of walking around Port Macquarie today and take some pictures of the local buildings, as it seems that last time we were here this wasn’t one of my ideas and all I took were a heap of pics of the shore line. It turns out that this town is a lot different than other towns we have visited and I just didn’t know where to start, or more to the point there was nothing I thought was interesting enough to take. The streetscapes, I considered, would be a waste as all streets are heavily tree lined and all looked the same. This would have blocked most shots of building anyway as there are no tall buildings in the city area anyway. The only tall buildings around here are holiday unit blocks and they were summed up in my shots last visit. So in the end no photos were take of Port Macquarie.