Gold Coast

Tuesday 22nd June, (Gold Coast).

We finally had some warmer weather at Yamba and that saw us walking around the area a little.

We are now on the Gold Coast and it didn’t take us long to realise that the only reason we are here is to visit Tony and Brenda. Not that we have anything against the Gold Coast, apart from being a little touristy and not what we really look for, but we really had no other plans for visiting here. I think we are now just looking forward to settling on the Sunshine coast for a lengthy spell.

I have lately been having battery problems with the car, and am nearly of the decision that we will have to replace it after only two years of use since purchasing the same. I am wondering if I have in fact been over-cooking it with providing charge to the two batteries to the rear, one in the back of the car and one in the caravan. It would seem that with these two batteries across the car one they would be holding the voltage down resulting in overcharging the car battery. We have of late been travelling with the van fridge turned off, and the solar panels have been running the fridge in the back of the car, so the car has been disconnected from the rear end 12v system. I may have to look into seeing if there is such a thing as a double regulator to overcome the problem.

Thursday 24th June, (Gold coast).

The battery; I went to a ‘battery specialist’ today and discussed my battery problem. He applied a tester and came up with the following suggestion. The battery is at a very low capacity and needs charging before an effective test could be properly done, but at this stage all showed there was nothing wrong with it. Further discussions had him make the following statement; “a car alternator will never fully charge a battery unless one travels for at least 7-8 hours non stop” and seeing that will never be the case in my situation it is becoming apparent that I will have to apply a manual charge occasionally. This leaves me with the thought as to how the battery gets to a low charge state in the first place. The answer to this could only be all the times I sit in a car park waiting for Linda with the radio, CB and fan running, and if he is correct about the alternator never fully providing an adequate charge, this could well be the cause. I have connected the solar panels to the battery today, and as near as I can ascertain it took about 20 Ampere-hours before dark. The trickle charger in the van is at present providing a small charge, so I will leave it connected overnight and see what happens. It was obviously well down.

All this aside, I can now say the weather is about what we were hopeful of, and assuming it will be very similar on the Sunshine coast I am sure we will enjoy settling there for a couple of months.