Chapter 25

Back to the mainland once again.

Friday 28th May 2004, (Melbourne).

I have finally pulled the pin on the cold weather and moved back to the mainland. I am currently in Melbourne, but only until I stock the fridge etc.

I took the van to have the brakes checked yesterday and was not over impressed with the outcome. It was pointed out that even though the shoes had about 50% life left it would be advisable to replace them now. They had started to crack, and advise from the repairman convinced me that it was a result of the brake controller I was using. The controller was a static type rather than a pendulum type, as I have not been convinced that they worked effectively enough. The repairman convinced me that the later models do work effectively so the decision was to have a complete repair/replacement of the brake system, including the controller. After having the work done I am now satisfied that the new controller does in fact work much better than the old one, or at least I am with the brakes not being fully bedded in yet. Once the van has done a few miles I am very hopeful the brakes will improve, especially after I have a little practice with the adjustments on the controller.

The food cupboards are now stocked and I am ready for a move to Albury tomorrow.