Thursday 13th May.

Louisa still has not had the baby, so our plans for return to the mainland are up in the air. I have possibly changed ideas about an early return to the mainland and been considering staying in Tassie for a few weeks. Maybe I am getting used to the cold, or it is not as cold as it has been, but a couple of weeks after the baby is born will give me a some complete free time to do a couple of chores on the van, and will make Linda feel a little better about having me here for a while.

I have finally bought myself a new digital camera after many months of thought. One with the required features at the right price cropped up so a purchase meant that I saved about $500.00 by not making a purchase 6 months ago when I first considered it. The new one has a large 10X zoom, takes videos and also came with a wide-angle lens. After quite some practise I am happy that I am going to be very content with its performance, with the exception that I probably won’t use the video facility very often as I am not that impressed with the low resolution of them, and at present I don’t have an easy method of showing them in a slide show along with stills.