Monday 31st May, (Albury, Goulburn).

I have done a few miles now since fitting the new brakes and had a play with the new controller, and I am becoming happy with the way they are operating but it might take a little more playing.

I moved on Saturday to Albury and stayed there for two days, as some washing had to be done. Today I moved on to Goulburn and got the cold weather as expected.

When I left Albury and got away from Victoria the skies cleared and became sunny for the first time in a long while, so things are started looking up. When I arrived at Goulburn, high altitude, the temperatures started to drop. I am at present watching the local news and the present report is about the very early dropping of heavy snow on the Snowy Mountains. This being not far from here reflects why it is cold here, then I believe it is at present very cold everywhere. The park manager tells me it got down to minus 4 degrees here last night, so lets hope it is not so bad tonight. According to the BOM, temperatures here are very comparative to Tassie so I was expecting it to be cool, but then one has to put up with it as it is just too far to travel from Albury to Sydney in one trip.