Monday 31st May, (Albury, Goulburn).

I have done a few miles now since fitting the new brakes and had a play with the new controller, and I am becoming happy with the way they are operating but it might take a little more playing.

I moved on Saturday to Albury and stayed there for two days, as some washing had to be done. Today I moved on to Goulburn and got the cold weather as expected.

When I left Albury and got away from Victoria the skies cleared and became sunny for the first time in a long while, so things are started looking up. When I arrived at Goulburn, high altitude, the temperatures started to drop. I am at present watching the local news and the present report is about the very early dropping of heavy snow on the Snowy Mountains. This being not far from here reflects why it is cold here, then I believe it is at present very cold everywhere. The park manager tells me it got down to minus 4 degrees here last night, so lets hope it is not so bad tonight. According to the BOM, temperatures here are very comparative to Tassie so I was expecting it to be cool, but then one has to put up with it as it is just too far to travel from Albury to Sydney in one trip.


Chapter 25

Back to the mainland once again.

Friday 28th May 2004, (Melbourne).

I have finally pulled the pin on the cold weather and moved back to the mainland. I am currently in Melbourne, but only until I stock the fridge etc.

I took the van to have the brakes checked yesterday and was not over impressed with the outcome. It was pointed out that even though the shoes had about 50% life left it would be advisable to replace them now. They had started to crack, and advise from the repairman convinced me that it was a result of the brake controller I was using. The controller was a static type rather than a pendulum type, as I have not been convinced that they worked effectively enough. The repairman convinced me that the later models do work effectively so the decision was to have a complete repair/replacement of the brake system, including the controller. After having the work done I am now satisfied that the new controller does in fact work much better than the old one, or at least I am with the brakes not being fully bedded in yet. Once the van has done a few miles I am very hopeful the brakes will improve, especially after I have a little practice with the adjustments on the controller.

The food cupboards are now stocked and I am ready for a move to Albury tomorrow.


Friday 21st May.

It’s all happening: 11AM and Louisa is in hospital hopefully about to give birth. She is now a week overdue and even though things started to happen yesterday it is possible they will induce her today anyway, more news on that when it happens. At the moment I have the job of baby-sitting, Elly is in school today so I only have Jay. It should be a peaceful day just on our own and hopefully Linda will be back home later this afternoon, she is at Louisa’s side along with Matthew for the birth.

As this event is almost a certainty now I have taken it upon myself to book myself on the boat to the mainland on Wednesday 26th next week. I have had enough of the cold and going north where it is a little warmer. Linda will remain in Tassie for a couple of weeks and then fly up to meet me wherever I am.

11.30AM the same day.

New granddaughter at 11.23AM, Matilda Linda, now it is time to make my return trip to the mainland.


Thursday 13th May.

Louisa still has not had the baby, so our plans for return to the mainland are up in the air. I have possibly changed ideas about an early return to the mainland and been considering staying in Tassie for a few weeks. Maybe I am getting used to the cold, or it is not as cold as it has been, but a couple of weeks after the baby is born will give me a some complete free time to do a couple of chores on the van, and will make Linda feel a little better about having me here for a while.

I have finally bought myself a new digital camera after many months of thought. One with the required features at the right price cropped up so a purchase meant that I saved about $500.00 by not making a purchase 6 months ago when I first considered it. The new one has a large 10X zoom, takes videos and also came with a wide-angle lens. After quite some practise I am happy that I am going to be very content with its performance, with the exception that I probably won’t use the video facility very often as I am not that impressed with the low resolution of them, and at present I don’t have an easy method of showing them in a slide show along with stills.


Wednesday 5th May.

It has been and is getting very bloody cold.

We are having a problem remembering when it was so cold in Tassie so early in the year, and really can’t remember. A few locals are also indicating that this is the coldest start to winter that they can remember for a long while, so maybe it is not just us. We do have a problem though, living in the caravan in this weather. Although we can heat the caravan successfully it turns out that we do feel the cold, as we must regularly venture outside whereas in a house one does not have to venture outside if not necessary.

After many discussions Linda and I have come to an agreement whereas after Louisa has given birth, any day now I hope, I will commence arrangements for my return to the mainland. Linda has decided that she will remain in Tassie for a while to assist Louisa after the birth, as this was the main reason for staying in Tassie, and then when she is ready she will fly north to join up with me wherever I have decided to settle and wait. Personally I can’t wait until the day of my return to the mainland.

Friday 7th May.

I found a car panel repairman this week that I would readily recommend to anybody: Name, Shepherds Detailing & Maintenance, 4 Legana Park Drive, Phone 03 6330 1156, Mob. 0408 177 001. I had a little rust appear in the bottom panel under the drivers door, and a broken door hinge, previous quotes from panel beaters were in the $700.00 mark and this man repaired the rust, painted the panels (as well as touch up a couple of scratches around the car), welded the door hinge as well as another little job for a total of $180.00. The resultant job seems to be an excellent result so I would have no problems recommending him to anybody.