Friday 23rd April.

We, or I at least, have been rather busy over the past few weeks. Again my answer to the regular question, “What do you do with your time?” is the same: We don’t appear to achieve a great deal but we never have any spare time.

I have been busy for the past week building a sandwich board for Matthew for a church sign to place on the main road of a Sunday. This has consumed a fair bit of my time as there was a fair bit to it, it is not complete yet as the rest is basically Matt’s part in making the actual sign to affix to it. The whole project will want to be worth it as the cost is going to be substantial.

I have also had a very major service done on the car at 200,000k, and there was a fair drama occurred while doing so. All apparently went well, with the possible exception of the new brake pads and fluid, until I went to take the car for a drive to test the brakes and the machine failed to start. Not a thing wanted to happen when one turned the key to crank the engine. After much trying to find the problem the mechanic conceded that an auto-electrician should be called in the following day. After thinking and dreaming about it all night, as has always been my nature, I came up with a disturbance to the gas throttle prevention switch mounted under the dash by the accelerator, or this is where I thought it must have been. This is a switch that prevents the starter motor operating when one attempts to start with his foot on the accelerator. The following morning I promptly went to the mechanic and explained my thoughts, and we could not find anything, as we really had no idea where things were. When I returned later to see what was happening the auto-electrician was under the dashboard with the offending switch in hand rectifying the problem. It seems the switch was mounted a little too close to the footrest and the wiring had been kicked and came unplugged from the unit. Whether the mechanic listened to my dreams, or whether he already had an idea of what the problem was will, I guess, be never known, but it was a huge relief to find the problem was rectified quickly.

Finally we were mobile again and yes the brakes were not anywhere near as good as they were. It was decided that the pads might only need a bit of bedding in so the next couple of days would give us an idea. It has now been those couple of days and the brakes are improving. I suspect the rear discs have warped similar to what they had when I purchased the car, but not as bad, and now that I have done a few kms around town they are starting to bed in and improve. We have decided that another few days will tell. This being the case, I will have to consider disc replacement next time the pads are replaced.

Linda and I have again had a fair bit of discussion about when we will return to the mainland and it seems it will be as follows: As Linda wants to be here for the kids birthdays in July she will be staying until the end of July, but I will, hopefully, return several weeks earlier than her and find some place a little warmer to wait for when she returns to me. To be truthful I can’t wait for that day. Another reason for returning to the mainland, apart from the cold, is that once again we have proven that it is impossible to save money while in Tasmania, as there is always some small thing to spend on, so it will hopefully be economically viable to return to the big island.