Tuesday 13th April.

I keep thinking that there is no need to put words to paper, but then it appears that several things should be written. Now that I have decided to put things down it is apparent that several things will be forgotten.

Nelle and Matt have finally bought their new house and are happily busy doing some renovations to it. We are receiving the occasional photo from them of different aspects of the progress.

Electronic woes continue: After getting my mobile replaced with a new handset, a couple of months ago now, I am now having the same trouble with the new one. This time though I have decided that it is not necessarily a problem with my phone as the problem only exists in the Legana area and not anywhere else. I have had problems trying to relate this to people on the phone, and in the Telstra shop so I today visited an old workmate and explained the problem to him. Fortunately this sort of thing is exactly what he is paid for, so after travelling about a bit, making test calls in different locations, he is now as confused as me. It is quite apparent that nobody else has reported such a fault so it is the consensus that there must be something wrong with my unit, or its software, and possibly with the network as well, but my friend said he would make some enquiries and see if he can come up with some solution. Let’s hope he has some luck, but then it won’t bother me in a couple of months anyway when I return to the mainland, unless there are other areas with the same problem.

Yes, as I already mentioned Legana, we have moved back there. We found that Kelso was just too far from anywhere and we were just not seeing anybody. In the process of moving, I once again had the idea of claiming new start and even made an appointment. When we moved to Legana we found that the park gave us a reasonably substantial discount for a long-term stay, seeing it was passed the peak period, I again changed my mind about new start. I attended the interview I had arranged, and it turned out that there is a six week waiting period for the allowance anyway and as I am returning to the mainland in a couple of months it again proved not worth the effort.

Another problem we have experienced since moving to Legana is the high water pressure. The pressure in this area would have to be the highest we have experienced anywhere in Australia. The joints in my water hose could not handle the strain and kept popping apart, so some new ones were needed. The pressure limiter on the caravan water inlet also sprung a leak, but that was mainly due to the unit screws not being tightened enough, hopefully that fixed it. We learned a lesson from this, not to store paperwork or any perishables in cupboards with water connectors, as we did lose some of our paperwork to water damage, but not any essential paperwork.