Saturday 13th March.

Moving Adrian: This is an experience I do not wish to undertake again. The main problem was that when he moved there was no preparation in packing his things and everything was packed loose. This made it a lot harder for stacking in the trailer and car, apart from the fact that most of his gear will probably be thrown out once Linda sorts it all out. Most of it is now moved in to the new flat and we have, hopefully only, one more load tomorrow, then it will be Linda’s job in her few days stay-over to sort it all out.

Linda will be staying at Adrian’s for a few days next week so this will give me an opportunity to paint the roof of the container.

I have recently been giving some thought to whether I would prefer to be back on the mainland, travelling, but I guess it is only situations like this weekend moving Adrian, and such, that really gives me the notions. I guess I have really become accustomed to the lifestyle of not having any worries and look forward to it again. Apart from the cold here in Tassie I am thinking I am enjoying our time back here, especially when there are no hassles. I should really consider staying for the term that Linda would prefer, and the cold may not be a real problem when we are at Legana with free power, but we’ll see how we feel in a couple of months.

Monday 15th March.

A satisfying day was had today with settling Adrian into his new flat. We managed to get him a phone connected, In-contact facilities, which are incoming calls only, and it is free. There are conditions to obtaining such a connection, with the applicant must either be on a full pension or have a large bill with Telstra and must not have another phone, like a mobile. Adrian met these requirements.

His rent has been taken care of with the credit union making automatic payment transfers each fortnight after his pension is paid into his account. Rent assistance, and power bill will be taken care of tomorrow.

Wednesday 17th March.

Linda is in Launceston for a few days helping Adrian settle in to his new unit, so I am on my own again for a few days.

We had a very enlightening day yesterday when we had our appointment with the superannuation financial adviser. I had drafted a heap of questions that I had thought of over the past few months that I consider needed answers before we start using our super later this year. It was a very interesting interview, with all our questions answered, so we can now head off into the realm of retirement knowing that if all is managed properly, our money should adequately look after us for a fair while.

I had a day of painting today, putting a thick coat on the roof of our container at Paul’s place. The roof was in a reasonable state of rust so after brushing the rust off last week it was time to coat it. I could only buy the required paint in a four litre tin, at least twice as much as needed, so the roof will get a couple of thick coats.