Thursday 11th March.

After the week at Matt and Lou’s I have come to the conclusion that, although I love the grandkids and all, having kids around all the time is not my scene any more, so the least we have to do that the happier I will be.

Linda has still not been happy with the idea that I keep putting to her about me returning to the mainland if it gets too cold for me in winter. We had a talk about this subject the other night and maybe we have resolved the situation. It seems that if we make the decision that we will only travel to the mainland in winter from now on she may be happy with the idea of me returning as long as we return for next summer. As we have seen most of the east coast now we could from now on select a destination somewhere and make that our travel stop and maybe stay there for a lengthy duration for winter and then make a different selection for the following winter. At some stage we do intend going to Darwin and Perth, but we will more than likely not make the trip down the west coast, as that is the one trip neither of us is looking forward to.

We have decided that our staying at Kelso was basically a waste of time: Even though the idea was to save money we are defeating the purpose of coming home for a lengthy stay as we are not getting to visit anybody because it is too far to travel to Launceston more than the twice a week that we do have to. It turns out that it has also been very cold at Kelso, especially of an evening, and I am sure it is even colder than Launceston. As a result we have decided to return to Legana caravan park when our tenure is completed here. If we claim rent assistance from Centerlink this will reduce our accommodation bill to something we could handle, and if we save on fuel costs it will not end up costing us much more than at Kelso, and we will have all the free power we want for heating.

We are at this stage travelling to Launceston nearly every day anyway, as we have found a new flat for Adrian and we have to spend a fair bit of time in town making arrangements and moving him in, and such, so we would have been better off staying in Lonny all the time. At least after we have finally moved Adrian in we might end up with a couple of weeks here at Kelso of peace and solitude before we make our move back to town.

I do have some more work to do on the container while down this way, I have cleaned most of the rust off the roof and now have a tin of paint and intend, when we do have some free time at Kelso, to paint the roof. I had to buy a four-litre tin of paint, as it does not come in small tins, so I intend to put a few coats on, being the roof.

I am at home on my own at this stage as Linda is spending the night at Matt’s tonight for an early start to babysitting tomorrow, and will also be spending a couple of nights with Adrian next week to get him settled into his new unit, but I guess I can handle it.