Thursday 19th February.

A small adjustment had to be made to the solar panels the other day; they had to be removed from the roof for the duration of our stay here. We discovered the possums were climbing on the roof and sitting on them. The possums here are of a very large variety and having them just sit on the panels can not be good for them, let alone them running off them when scared off and scratching them with their claws. I will have to put them on the ground daily to catch some sun for charge, but this should not be much of a problem.

Monday 23rd February.

We have now taken on a different role in life, short term, baby-sitting for Matt and Lou while they are in Melbourne. They will be gone for a week so we have moved into their house for the week, leaving the caravan at Kelso. I will probably go back down one night and stay, if not to just check everything.

The idea of claiming for New-start allowance has once again entered my mind, with the idea that I could collect the allowance by doing voluntary work. It was bought to light that I could do some work at the Water bird haven, where Matt and Lou live, as they are always looking for voluntary workers, and it would be convenient to Matt’s. The more I think about it though reminds me that it would require constant work week after week just to collect $300 or so per fortnight, and I keep asking myself “is it really worth it”? For the reason that the idea of continual work does not appeal to me, I have put off the idea again.


Friday 6th February.

I demonstrated my usual fishing prowess today, as I spent an hour or so on Garden Island with the rod in the water. All that was biting was the March Flies, and I got quite a few bites.

Monday 16th February.

We have now really settled in at Kelso, having formed some routines. Sunday is our day to go to Launceston so Linda can attend church, and if time permits we also use the afternoon for visiting whomever. We intend to draw up a list of who we wish to visit and than hopefully draw up a roster to see if and when we can fit them all in.

We also go to Launceston on either Thursday or Friday; depending on which day Louisa goes to work, so we can baby-sit. Our shopping is also done on this day, which is a handy way of shopping as weekly keeps Linda out of shops during the rest of the week.

While at Kelso, seeing we are paying for power, we decided to see what difference using 12V would do to affect the power bill. The first week we used as much 12V as we could, and the second week we used basically none. Would you believe the difference in the bill was only a matter of 80 odd cents, so we decided that it would be a waste of time using 12V and giving the battery unnecessary use and reserve it for when we need it.

A little of 2 1/2 year old Grandson Jay’s wisdom; I had the job baby-sitting Jay on Saturday while the women went on a day out to Devonport. While taking Jay for a walk on the beach, and after walking a fair way, Jay stopped me and said “Poppa I want a cuddle”, so I bent down, picked him up and he gave me a big cuddle. Then he said, ” While I’m cuddling you can still walk”. I figure he guessed that if he had asked to be picked up one might have said no.


Thursday 5th February.

Still we are enjoying our time at Kelso, the management are very friendly, and what is welcome is the trust-worthy nature of management. Papers are delivered daily and they trust us to pay fortnightly, and it will be the same with power. Power is a little different though, as a meter has been fitted so if one were to attempt any foul play one would eventually be caught out with them reading the meter.

A lot is still in limbo with my electronic woes with my new mobile still in for repairs, 3 weeks now and I am getting all sorts of excuses for the cause of delay in repairs, and would you believe it is all Nokia’s fault. I am still chasing up repairs, or replacement, for the laptop battery and am trying to get costs of same below the $220.00 so far quoted. I have now had some practice time with Windows XP Home installed on the laptop and now think it is great, especially for working with photos, a lot of software, or programmes, are built into XP.

Another problem we have had is the continuing saga of the roof leak. We had a very bad storm not long after arriving here and the weather was coming from the north, which directed all the rain under the solar panel that I had not yet rebuilt the brackets under. I have now rebuilt those brackets and after hosing about 100 litres of water on the roof, not a drop leaked in. so I am quite confident that I have now fixed the leak, at last.

I have given more thought about claiming New-start allowance and am still almost convinced that I am not going to bother. If I were to claim I am convinced the requirement, or conditions applied, would necessitate frequent trips to Launceston and this would use up most of the payment in fuel, so I really do believe it would not be worth the effort. I must seriously consider making an appointment with them though because one does not know what he will find out from a visit.

Another thing I have been pondering on is the golf course at the caravan park. I have considered having a bit of a practice at the game. After mentioning this to Paul, who works at the tip at Beaconsfield, he attained several clubs that had been discarded and gave them to me. I also mentioned it to Sister Joan, and she gave me a putter. I did the silly thing and bought some balls, so now I don’t have much of an excuse not to try it, well we’ll see what happens.