Thursday 8th January, (Melbourne).

Linda and Narrelle really enjoyed their time together, and not surprisingly parting company last night was very hard for both of them. Matt and Narrelle left for Home at 8:30pm last evening and we were at the airport until about 7:30. Everybody wants it to be our turn next to visit them in England, but we will just have to see how the finances cope.

Matthew, son, did return the key he took with him, and surprise he decided to send it express post and it actually turned up this morning, he didn’t actually send it until Tuesday though.

Linda and I are now racing the weather in our two days of getting back to normality before we return to Tassie. It is still very windy and threatening to rain so today was a race to get the tent packed up while it was still dry. We did manage to get it packed away and so far the rain has held off, but tomorrow will be the teller when we have to get the awning and the rest of the van packed for an early start on Saturday. It is already showing that it is nice to be back on our own once again.

Its now back to Tassie on Saturday.