Sunday 4th January, (Melbourne).

Yet another drive from the bottom to the top of Victoria yesterday, Melbourne to Albury, to pick up Narrelle. She will be staying with us until they return to England. I have now vowed that I will never do that length trip again, as I have now done it twice in the last few weeks. A trip that long, 730k, is just too long and takes too much out of me. I’m not quite as young as I used to be.

The rest of the family are now back home, not without incident though, as Matthew took our amenities key with him. I am now hoping he will post it back in time to arrive before we depart due to the $20.00 deposit I paid for it.

Melbourne weather; It was stinking hot yesterday and the temperature gauge on the car ran very hot on my trip, and it is raining and windy today.

Narrelle and Linda have started off enjoying their time together, they are at the local shopping centre and have been there for about 4 hours, I guess it is what they need, some time just to themselves.