Friday 26th December, (Frankston).

The family have now all arrived from Tassie and we have moved to Frankston for a week or so to have some family time.

Narrelle and Matt came from Melbourne with us on Monday, Adrian arrived on Tuesday, and Matt and Lou with family arrived yesterday. This being Xmas day I guess Matt wanted to attend his church service before coming over.

Typically yesterday was a very hectic day, being Xmas day, but with Matt and Lou coming as well made it a little busier with picking them up from the airport and setting up camp on top of everything else we had to do. Hopefully from now on things will be a lot more settled, and signs are showing this to be the case.

We had a short trip to the beach today, Matt One (not Matt Tew) was wind surfing and most of the others had a swim. The wind blowing the way it was made it rather cold on the beach so we didn’t stay very long.