Sunday 2nd November, (Yamba).

A nice relaxing time was had at Ballina.

Before I left there this morning, or at least when I went for some bread from the freezer, I noticed the freezer was turned off. So much for how the battery was so fully charged yesterday from so little driving around. It had obviously been off for some time as some of the meat, mainly sausages, had thawed out. I removed what had thawed out and gave them to a neighbour explaining the situation, because I thought that would save throwing them out. A frozen meal pack was kept and used for tea this evening.

As mentioned I moved on today to Yamba, about 100k south. This place is another that I regret we didn’t visit earlier, when we are back this way Linda is going to enjoy a stay here, I am sure.

Yamba is a small place, in fact after a walk and a bike ride today I am sure I have seen about all there is to see, but some time could be spent here as it is such a relaxing area. I am going to do the walks again with the camera, as there are some quite scenic landscapes to shoot in the area. An area of the coast has spectacular rock formations that I dare say I will get quite a few shots of.


Saturday 1st November, (Ballina).

I am now at Ballina, about 200k south of Brisbane, and have been here for three days.

I thought for a while that I may have to stay here for a while as on the day of travel I contracted a bit of a wog. I got headachy and the sinuses were painful so I took a couple of Polaramine tablets and the next day, yesterday, I was feeling a lot better. Maybe it was a bad pollen day in that area and the air-conditioning I was using during the trip.

I have decided that I am not going to rush getting south and will stick to our decision of short trips and 3 day stays.

Ballina is a little larger than I thought, and is becoming what appears to be a big tourist attraction, if not already. There are plenty of beaches and the surfing is obviously a very popular pastime here.

There are plenty of bike tracks around the coastline, one of which I rode on yesterday that took me into town, a good hours ride there and back. It would have been nice to do another today, but the wind is rather strong out there so I might call it quits. I am about to pull the awning down early because of the wind but it may be too windy to achieve it on my own. During my running around taking photos earlier I noticed a good reason for us not wanting a roll out awning fitted to the van: A van in a nearby park has one fitted and the owners were obviously out, they hadn’t tied the awning to the ground and the wind has detached the supports from the van and the whole thing is now a great tangled mess hanging, flapping, down the side of their van.